Are Virtual Mirrors the Next New Thing in the Fashion Retailing

Are Virtual Mirrors the Next New Thing in the Fashion Retailing?

How do Virtual Mirrors benefit retailers?

Virtual mirrors can boost up the sales drive for retailers. This is a relatively new technology and provides better customer engagement. 

It provides a natural experience to consumers by using natural gestures and body language. 

It saves a lot of time and provides a range of clothes to choose from. 

Virtual Mirror is an apt fill-in to the conventional concept of trial rooms. Customers do not need to wait in long queues with several garments to try-on, they can just stand in front of a mirror. 

Virtual Mirrors are a safe-switch considering the corona outbreak and the safety measures to be followed in accordance.

Several big brands such as H&M, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Burberry are making use of virtual mirror technology. AR-powered smart mirrors are rapidly becoming a part of physical and online shopping and have transformed the way customers used to shop. It is a convenient and efficient technology gaining momentum slowly.

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