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Are Virtual Mirrors the Next New Thing in the Fashion Retailing

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Author : Colin
Update time : 2022-05-23 16:02:20
Are Virtual Mirrors the Next New Thing in the Fashion Retailing?

How do Virtual Mirrors benefit retailers?

Virtual mirrors can boost up the sales drive for retailers. This is a relatively new technology and provides better customer engagement. 

It provides a natural experience to consumers by using natural gestures and body language. 

It saves a lot of time and provides a range of clothes to choose from. 

Virtual Mirror is an apt fill-in to the conventional concept of trial rooms. Customers do not need to wait in long queues with several garments to try-on, they can just stand in front of a mirror. 

Virtual Mirrors are a safe-switch considering the corona outbreak and the safety measures to be followed in accordance.

Several big brands such as H&M, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Burberry are making use of virtual mirror technology. AR-powered smart mirrors are rapidly becoming a part of physical and online shopping and have transformed the way customers used to shop. It is a convenient and efficient technology gaining momentum slowly.
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